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1. Features and strengths

・Since 2007 company foundation, JOHNAN SIAM has been running EMS business in Thailand and we provide from low volume high mix to high volume low mix production.

・It’s located in Chonburi Province, close to Thailand-s largest trading port Laem - Chabang Port , where the risk of flooding is low.

・JOHNAN SIAM owns L size PCBA equipment in all process, from Auto Insert, SMT, AOI to dip soldering.

・One-stop solution from conceptual product design (electrical design*, mechanical design), parts procurement, parts processing, PCB assembly board mounting, box assembly, quality inspection, packaging and shipping, repair and maintenance.   *Including circuit design and board design.

・Wide range PCBA is available from 0402(mm) chip, majority is 0603(mm) actually, to large odd parts.

・JOHNAN SIAM owns N2 reflow oven with N2 generator (High Density PCBA and BGA are capable).

・3D AOI inspection machines are set in SMT line, which feedback mount failure immediately.

・JOHNAN SIAM proposes solutions of manufacturing problems to improve productivity and quality, such as VA and VE proposals.

・Propose inspection equipment (function tester) according to the customers specifications.

・ISO 9001/14001 was certified. JOHNAN SIAM provides same management quality/operation as our Japan side facility. We provide highly reliable products Complying with customer specifications.





【日本拠点との連携事例 】


【電子製品の制作・量産支援 】

(実績 )

当社は、日系企業から電子機器の量産を委託される。日本拠点にて生産立上げを行い、2か月後にタイの工場にて量産を行う。(2022年1月 )

【ものづくりの人材育成・活用事例 】


(実績 )

当社では日本拠点にて現地スタッフと生産立上げを行い、ものづくりの技術・ノウハウを習得したスタッフがタイでリーダー(2名)として活躍している。(2022年1月 )

2. Services Summary

■PCBA Assembly & Assembly


Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) our product ranges cover varieties of consumer home appliance, electronic products, and automotive products, (Air Conditions, Refrigerator, Rice Cooker, Television, Jarpot, etc. )

■Inspection and Pre-assembly services

Inspection and Pre-Assembly

JOHNAN SIAM provides hi-resolution inspection service (dimensions and appearance) for electronic parts and automotive parts.

■Packing / Shipping Services


JOHNAN SIAM handles packing design, manufacturing and shipping services, according to customer delivery styles. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

・Service details

    Contract manufacturing of PCBA for consumer electronics, consumer electronics, White products, Automotive, industrial equipment, inspection, repair of PCBA, and sales of oil absorbent materials, etc.

・PCBA base materials capability

    Ceramic substrate, Alminium substrate, FPC, High Multilayer PCB, Large size PCB, Paper Phenol PCB, etc.

・Type of solder

   Pb-free solder (with Ag) Pb-free solder (without Ag)

・SMD component capability

   Minimum pin pitch: 0.3mm

    Mounting accuracy: +/-30um (with high-producing mode off)

    Minimum chip: 0402

    Chips: BGA, SOP, QFP, LED, QFN, etc.

    Size: Maximum work size: 360 mm x 410 mm;

    Board thickness: 0.5 mm to 1.6 mm (MAX: 5.0 mm)

    【事例紹介】 0402基板実装

・Business collaboration with overseas site

   Electronic component and material procurement, printed circuit board assembly and finished product assembly services

   Domestic site: Design development/problem extraction for prototype/problem extraction for principle primitive prototype - confirmation prototype, such as EVT, DVT, and PVT.

   Overseas site: Mass production prototyping / mass production.

Sample Mounting
Board Repair
Oil Absorben

0402 mm chip size Sample images of mounting

Board Repair

Oil Absorben


    ISO9001:2015 certified.

    ISO14001:2015 certified.

    Green Industry (Level 3) certified.

    IATF16949 certified.

4. 保有設備


Production line
Clean booth

Production line

Clean booth

・Equipment owned

Mounting machine 7lines
Jumper Inserter 1 machine
Axial Inserter 2 machines      5.0mm〜26.0mmピッチ対応
Radial Inserter 3 machines      2.5mm、5.0mm、7.5mmピッチ対応
DIP Insertion 5 Lines
SPI Inspection 4 machines      チップサイズ0603対応可
AOI Inspection 7 machines
X-ray inspection machine 1 machine
DIP槽 ⾃動半⽥付装置 5台
その他 ICT用ピンボード, 各種ファンクション検査機, クリーンブース

■Material Warehouse
■SMT Process
Inspection and Pre-Assembly
■AOI Processing
Inspection and Pre-Assembly
Inspection and Pre-Assembly
Inspection and Pre-Assembly

■SMT Processing Line

Printing Machine

Printing Machine

3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

High-Accuracy Mounter

High-Accuracy Mounter

N2 Reflow Oven

N2 Reflow Oven

3D AOI, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

3D外観検査機 (AOI)

■Introduction of Inpection machines

■3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)
3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)
■3D AOI, Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)
3D AOI, Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)
■X-ray inspection machine
X-ray inspection machine

5.Introduction of JOHNAN’s original management system

In order to maximize sales and profits for our customers, JOHNAN’s original management system has been introduced and operated at our production sites, along with management systems related to quality and the environment.

Original Management System

JOHNAN’s original management system, "Discipline & Rhythm," is a management standard, in which management items for organizational operations are implemented and checked at a certain rhythm (cycle) and standardized to prevent stagnation.It is also to do what is determined (discipline) in a determined cycle (rhythm).

Items to be controlled are extracted from our own operations and clearly stated in about 30 types of operating rules. The implementation status of approximately 100 control items are periodically checked.

【Examples of Operating Rules and Regulations】
・J-Tree (goal management)
・Health and Safety
・5S activities
・Improvement activities
・Skill management
・Improvement of employee satisfaction
・Communication (reporting, informing and consulting),etc

JOHNAN’s original management system is also in operation at the Thai site to ensure the same level of management as at the Japanese site.





5S Activity

   In order to realize the Japanese manufacturing quality that we have cultivated over the years, we are also making various efforts to improve productivity and quality at our Thai plant. Here are some examples of these efforts.

Signs Management of consumable goods
Centralized management of office supplies
Fixed location management at the manufacturing site

Signs Management of consumable goods

Centralized management of office supplies

Fixed location management at the manufacturing site

KAIZEN Activity

KAIZEN Activity
KAIZEN Activity

Improvement activities at manufacturing sites

6.Contact Us

    TEL +66-03-829-6858-59

    FAX +66-03-829-6860

    Email: salessiam@johnan.com